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"Il Signor Bruschino" at Teatro Malibran

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The comedy follows the farcical and classic current started by Terenzio and Menandro, and it's the last of five unique-act opera by Rossini, staged for the first time in 1813. Until a few years ago, the opera has been considered a minor composition, but recently the critic has changed opinion and now "Il Signor Bruschino" is considered an authentic masterpiece (in particular the famous opening symphony). The "libretto" is written by Giuseppe Foppa, a venetian poet, who works together many times with Rossini. 

The plot talks about the adventures and the stratagems of Floreville, young and ingenious, who falls in love with Sofia and wants to marry her. The young girl, instead, is promised to another man by her tutor Gaudenzio, the mysterious Signor Bruschino's son, who has been imprisoned in a inn because of a gambling debt. Florville takes advantage of the situation to pretend to be another person and to try to marry Sofia with deceits.  

Teatro Malibran

Campiello del Teatro 5873. Cannaregio, 30131

From 23 to 31 Jenuary 2015

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