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Deconstructing Boundaries: Exploring Ideas of Belonging

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The exhibition seeks to put forth some questions relating to the matter of belonging through the voices of four artists. In the face of relentless globalisation, physical boundaries are being blurred and challenged. The voices and perspectives of artists in this regard are thus important, for they are the mirror of society. Deconstructing Boundaries seeks inspiration from the participating artists as they reflect on their own experiences and question the boundaries that currently exist in one form or the other. As artists cross different borders and boundaries, they carry with them their own unique experiences about the different spaces they visit.

The Zimbabwe Pavilion Exhibition seeks to provide another perspective on the themes of identity, migration, patriotism and belonging. The ideas of here and there, seeing and being seen, legal and illegal have remained subjects for debate and this exhibition seeks to provide some answers to these issues. Borders are an unavoidable part of life but people still continue to cross them legally and illegally.

This issue of Deconstructing Boundaries tackles a vast topic which has become a central issue of the exhibition in its perspectives.

The current global politics, economic and religious conflicts provide artists with ideas to sculpt, to draw, to paint and to reflect on. “When words fail, art speaks”. Zimbabwe Pavilion 2017 seeks to give the artists a chance; a chance to reflect, a chance to exchange and a chance to share with its audience the Zimbabwean.“ […] platforms like Venice are platforms where nations gain visibility,” said Chikukwa. “I look forward to our African artists shining again at this international platform.”


  • Where: Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà - Castello, 3701 - Venezia
  • When: dal 13/05/2017 - al 26/11/2017
  • Vernissage: 10/05/2015 ore 12:30
  • Curators: Raphael Chikukwa, Tafadzwa Gwetai
  • Schedule: Tue - Sun | 10am - 6pm Closing day:Mon
  • Art
  • Biennale
  • Accessible

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