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Authentic Human Bodies Leonardo da Vinci

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At Palazzo Zanguri until 03 May 2020, it will be possible to visit for the first time in the world an exhibition with real anatomical finds inspired by the drawings and anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition entitled ”Authentic Human bodies Leonardo da Vinci “ makes sure that the famous drawings on the anatomy of Leonardo da Vinci’s human body become reality. Real parts of the body reproduce his studies on the muscles of the human arm, rather than the spine or the vascular system, the organs of the thorax and the female abdomen, to end with the Vitruvian Man. All this, thanks to the innovative process of plastination, a system of conservation of organic portions, developed in the late 1990s in Germany and now used in universities for anatomy lessons and for perfecting endoscopy practices. This path has been realized by combining precise artistic reproductions of his drawings, chosen among the most important, with anatomical finds obtained by the technique of plastination. A research work lasting more than three years, which has seen the collaboration of doctors, historians and art historians, to allow the observer today to make a real journey into the past. With deep appreciation, respect and gratitude for those who have given their bodies and organs to Science.

Open everyday from 10 AM – 6 PM Full Price FREE AUDIOGUIDE 10€/ Reduced Price FREE AUDIOGUIDE 8€

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