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Venice Boat Show

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Much more too, accessory, marine engines, technical nautical wear, conferences, events and shows.
The 2011 edition will be held on Parco San Giuliano, easy to reach by public transport, car or boat from Venice, the city itself increase the value and atmosphere with her presence on the background.
This year there are even bigger expositive spaces, articulated in indoor areas, outdoor areas and piers.
The great new ?A fantastic expositive choice and free entrance for all visitors, a chance not to be missed, either for the amateur and the professionals and all the people that want to know more about this fantastic world, also family that wants to enjoy a day of fun, thanks to a program rich with events and surprise.
A local reality that put together the efforts of many Venetian company, as sail association, rowing, association etc. for adults and children.

There will be also possibility to try boats in the lagoon, previous accordance with the expositors.
More events on this period ?,  Venice expo organize 2 more meetings “ Mare Maggio” happily come to the 4th edition, dedicated to the story and nautical culture, traditions, vintage boats and design, not to be forgotten the great historic parades that every year stupefy adults and children, and “ Pianeta Acqua” , become at his third edition dedicate to ambience, internal waters and waterfront. Those meeting will be held in may 13th to 15th 2011 by the Venetian Arsenal, an excellent location for excellent events.



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