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All the pieces are part of Koelliker collection in Milan, almost unique
in Europe for the number and quality of its items, and is undoubtedly
one of the most important outside Japan.

The items, created between the Azuchi Momoyama period (1575 – 1603) and the Edo period (1603 – 1867), were always considered, even in peacetime, an important sign of authority and of social condition. Armours, helmets and accessories are of amazing beauty, enriched by superbly crafted ornaments.

You can admire tosei gusoku (“modern armour”) and learn their history, constructive techniques, the main schools of arms-makers and discover their various features (dô, menpô, kote, haidate etc). There are also examples of Japanese helmets, the kabuto, and of kawari kabuto (“extraordinary helmets”) in eccentric and spectacular shapes and with ornaments generally inspired by sacred objects or natural elements (dragons, animals, fruit…). The exhibition concludes with some samurai accessories of extraordinary quality (often embossed), such as maedate (ornaments for helmets), mounts for swords and some blades for katana, the weapon most favoured by the samurai.

Curated by Giuseppe Piva, the exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Fondazione Mazzotta and the Town Council of Milan. Catalogue Mazzotta.


Address: Museo Fortuny - San Marco 3758, Campo San Beneto, Venezia
Web Site:
Opening times: everyday from 10am to 6pm (ticket office close at 5pm). Closed on Tuesday
Tickets: full price 9,00 euro, reduced 6,00 euro*, free for children 0/5 anni; handicapped persons with escort; authorized guides; tourist interpreters accompanying groups; 1 free ticket for every 15 tickets by prior booking; I.C.O.M. members

*visitors resident and born in the Municipality of Venice; children from 6 to 14; students* from 15 to 25; escorts (max. 2) for groups of children or students; over 65; holders of tickets for the Museums of St Mark’s Square/ San Marco Plus, Museum Pass Musei Civici Veneziani; staff* of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali; holders of Carta Rolling Venice; FAI members