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Rediscovering Museum: the revival of the second half of the 19th century.

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Until June 15th you can admire more than 70 works of this period of extraordinary revival of Murano glass production.

This success was the result of three factors:

  • the marketing strategy of Antonio Salviati, focused on market more
    than on productio and on a strong advertising campain in Italy and
    abroad. His success  still remains unequalled today;
  • on 1861 the opening of the Glass Museum thanks to abbot Vincenzo Zanetti and to the pharmacist and major Antonio Colleoni;
  • the opening of the the “scuola festiva di disegno per gli artieri
    annessa al museo”
    , a school created to teach the technique of drawing.

Venice and
Murano thus returned to being the centre of beauty, elegance and the
latest style.


Murano Glass Museum

Address: Fondamenta Giustinian 8,  30121 Murano
Tel: ++39041 739586
Opening times: until to 31th March 10am - 5pm (ticket-office 10am - 4.30pm); From 1st
April 10am - 6pm (ticket-office 10am - 5.30pm); Closed on Wednesdays
and on 1st May
Price: full price 6,50 euro;
reduced 4,00 euro


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