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At Palazzo Zanguri until 03 May 2020, it will be possible to visit for the first time in the world an exhibition with real anatomical finds inspired by the drawings and anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci.

From 12 February to 15 May 2020, the "Migrating Object" exhibition will be open at Peggy Guggheneim, which will represent the interest shown by the artist in the 50s and 60s for parts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.




Il 19 Aprile 2020 a Venezia si svolgerà la 42* edizione di Su e Zo per i Ponti. Una passeggiata di solidarietà attraverso le calli della città, organizzata da associazioni quali TGS Eurogroup e Venetiadi AGeSC, CTG, FISM, Ex allievi Don Bosco, e NOI Associazione.

This year "La sensa" will be celebrated on 23 and 24 May 2020 creating a big party in the city and enhancing its relationship with the sea, recalling moments of history and Venetian traditions.

On October 25, 2020 in Venice running the 35° marathon that every year attracts thousands of subscribers from all over the world who will cover the 42km of race.


Venice returns to a great event much awaited the 17 International Exhibition of Architecture. It will hold in the institutional centers of the Gardens and of the Arsenal. from 23 May to 29 November 2020.

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