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Wedding at Hotel Palazzo Stern****

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An Historic Palace, refined and exclusive, offers to its guests an unique location, cosy, mysterious and elegant. Faced over the Grand Canal you will be stupefied by his furniture and decorations either in the princely rooms and it the halls! Palazzo Stern offers the possibility to hold the welcome on the prestigious panoramic terrace over the Grand Canal, an surreal and unique atmosphere that only Venice can offer to its guests, the menu is complete with many local delicious specialty and can be customized at your choice.

Great care, immaculate service and professionalism by our staff, those are the things that we can offer and can’t miss in any important occasion.

The guest will have nothing to worry about, their logistic transfers are optimized and favoured with our cooperation, water taxi, gondolas or different boat. We offer various choice on the bridal banquet, with the possibility of an artistic or musical entertainment, we will help you to make the day of your live a very special one taking charge of the most relevant incumbencies, to let you enjoy in full, with serenity, that fantastic day.

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