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This is a small selection of Restaurants, Osterie and other places in the city of Venice.

This is not a simple list of the whole culinary offer of the city, but a selection of different kind of places (sometimes affordable with a highly different budget) characterised with something unique and particular: the way of cooking, the service, the location and more. In all cases we are talking about places with an adequate value for money to the clients expectations and where you can spot Venetians too, not only tourists.


Restaurant "Hostaria da Franz" takes its name from Franz Habeler, a young Austro-Hungarian army soldier who adopted Venice as his home, served fish and wine he bought from local farmers and fishermen.

Situated on the sunniest corner of Saint Mark's Square at the foot of the Clock Tower, in front of the Basilica, the Caffé Lavena has been one of Venice's most renowned coffee boutiques since 1750.

By Trattoria dalla Zanze you can taste a fine Venetian fish cuisine particularly distinctive are grilled shellfish

It is a typical Venetian trattoria, family management, local cuisine of meat and fish, they have also seats on the pier alongside a small canal (Rio delle Burchielle)

The Osteria do Farai is amongst the oldest Venetian osterie, it’ an old style place, the ambience is peasant, the atmosphere warm, cosy and familiar.

The restaurant has two different rooms, one is rustic, reminder of the typical venetian Restaurant the other “Orient Express-like" as the luxurious furniture reproduce the atmosphere of the famous train that links London, Paris, Venice and Istanbul.

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