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Castello District

The Sestiere of Castello is the biggest and most populated of the city, it situated on the eastern part of the city , comparing Venice to a fish (that’s how it looks from above)  the sestiere it the tail. It borders with the Sestiere of San Marco and Cannaregio, all other side are surrounded by lagoon. 

It is the only quarter not facing the Grand Canal, the Sestiere of Castello as well as the Saint Marks one has an history that begin many centuries ago, its name comes from a fortification built on the isle of San Pietro di Castello (once called isle of Olivolo). The Sestiere is rich of history, and monuments to admire,  few example of it are the Arsenale and the church of San Pietro di Castello, also in the quarter there are the main Biennale pavilions.
It is a part of the city quite characteristic and “venetians” cant live Venice without a stroll on the quarter.

Public Grain Warehouse

The massive building of the public grain farm still exists in the Castello area, facing Saint Mark’s basin, a few steps from the quite populated “Via Garibaldi”.

L'Arsenale di Venezia - Sestiere di Castello

Since the beginning of the XII century, the Arsenal was the heart of the naval industry of Venice. It occupies quite a large area of the city a clear sign of how important this industry was for Venice.

La Basilica di San Pietro di Castello - Venezia

The Basilica of San Peter in the Castello District, co-cathedral of the city together with Saint Mark’s Basilica, lies just a few steps from the Arsenale, in the north-east extremity of Venice.

Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna - Castello - Venezia

It is one of the nicest Renaissance Churches in Venice. It lies in the homonymous square (campo), in the Castello District, a few steps from the Arsenale.

Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo - Venezia Castello

Venetian people call it San Zanipolo (dialect). Together with the Frari Basilica it is the bigger medieval building of the city.

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