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Historical Regata 2020

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Historical Regata 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020 in Venice will take place the famous Historical Regata , a very important event for the city of Venice.

It is the most  awaited and spectacular event of theannual calendar yeas of Venetian Voga competitions , unique discipline practiced for millenium  in the Venice Lagoon.

It takes place every first Sunday in September. This event attracts thousands of tourists, fans and Venetians to the sides of the canal Grande.  Seeing the Regata and attending the historic parade of boats in an ideal opportunity to enjoyVenice in one of the most suggestive days of the year.

The famous “Corteo Storico” preceding the races is a parade of typical boats, with crews in traditional costumes, gondoliers carrying the doge, the Dogaressa and all the highest offices of the Venetian judiciary. They recall the glorious past of one of the Mediterranean’s most powerful and influential maritime republics. The race is divided into four competitions that are divided by age categories and boat type.

For the guests of our three hotels: Hotel Santa Chiara, Palazzo Stern, Locanda Vivaldi, you can reserve a table in the beautiful terrace on the Grand Canal of Palazzo Stern, from which you can easily attend all the regate, listening to typical Venetian music, enjoying Prosecco and some snacks.

The most famous and exciting is the”Regata dei Campioni” on gondolini, whizzing along the Grand Canal to the finish line in front of the famous "car", scenic floating stage placed in front of the palace of Ca' Foscari, next to our  hotel Palazzo Stern. The prize of the winners is glory and a reward in cash.
But the most coveted prize are the flags: blue for the 4° classified (on which once appeared the piglet to indicate a low speed), green for the classified thirds, white for the second and red for the winners.

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