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Dorsoduro District

The Sestiere of Dorsoduro got its name form the characteristic morphology of  the island were it was built, this side of the city was less swampy and had an harder surface, in Venetian Dorso duro (hard back). At the moment it counts about 15.000 inhabitants including also Giudecca and Sacca Fisola island (both part of the quarter). It is partially washed by the Canal Grande and Canale della Giudecca and border with San Polo sestiere and Santa Croce, it is linked with Saint Mark’ s quarter by the Accademia bridge.

Its history had begun by the Mendrigola island and it is even older than Rialto one, all other islands composing the quarter were colonized successively and arrives until punta della dogana (once the custom of the city)
This sestiere is rich of churches and museums as well the Ca’ foscari university main site. It’s a quite lively and popular quarter, were the streets of Tourists and Venetians cross each other in perfect harmony.

The Church of Santa Maria dei Carmini its in the sestriere di Dorsoduro in Venice, it faces the homonymous square, few steps from Santa Margherita square.

The Church of Zitelle it is on the Giudecca Isle (Sestiere of Dorsoduro) facing the homonymous canal.

The squero is a shipyard typical of Venice and Veneto in genre, several sort of boat were hand crafted by skilled artisans (gondola, pupparini, sandoli) sadly those are almost extinct.

Museo dell'Accademia - Venezia

The Accademia Museum is part of a complex including the church of Santa Maria della Carità, the homonymous Scuola Grande (the original entrance is now the main access to the museum) and the Monastery of the Canonici Lateranensi (the complex was in use until the beginning of the XIX century).

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