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Campo San Polo

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The name of the campo (square) derivate from the twisting of San Paolo, it is second in dimension only to Saint Marks Square, it represent the fulcrum of Sestiere di San Polo one of the oldest of all city.

Long time ago before it was paved it was used as pasture and cultivation and then lately as market place (quite famous during 600) during this century the “ campo” was used as an playing arena, games as “ ball” or the”Bull hunting” and various tournament were in used.

The games were suppressed in 1611 and inside the homonymous church it is still visible the plate which proclaimed the prohibition.

Actually it is frequented by children of the close by schools and it is very liveliness specially in summertime, during the summer an open air cinema show movies of the last winter, a good occasion to sit together with Venetians.

The history of the square report also many vicissitude, legend and episodes, an example is the death of Lorenzino De Medici stabbed in 1548.

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