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Venice Carnival 2015

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From 31 January to 17 February Venice paints itself with colors, music, dances and masks for the Carnival. The city proposes a full-dates calendar, stage managed by Davide Rampello.  Saturday 31 January: The Carnival starts with the show "The magic banquet - a tale of food in Venice", in Cannaregio. In this occasion Cannaregio will become a suggestive stage of brightness, mixing music, poetry, food, dances, art, entertainment and floating figures. The show will start at 6.00pm and it will be opened to everyone, adults and children's, to start the Carnival with joy. 

Sunday 1 February: Parade organized by "Coordinamento Associazioni Remiere Voga alla Veneta".

Sunday 7 February: The Grand Theatre of San Marco Square will be inaugurated with the contest "The most beautiful mask". In this contest the judge is the crowd. Two dates every day, at 11.00am and 3.00pm. At 2.30pm starts the historic "Parade of Marie": a cortege from San Piero di Castello to the Grand Theatre in San Marco Square, a unique occasion to commemorate costumes of the tradition. 

Sunday 8 February: Symbolic "Fly of the Angel". A flying masked figure will be lowered from the bell tower to the square, reproducing what acrobats did in the sixteenth century. This show will be replicated Sunday 15 February with the "Fly of the Eagle", at 11.00am.

The theme of the Carnival is "Fantastic Nature", in particular monsters, animals and metamorphosis. During the entire period you could attend to performances, shows, readings, cinematographic projections and expositions that concern this theme. 

Moreover, you could also discover the taste of the venetian tradition, with tasting and historic food itinerary.



From Saturday 31 January to 17 February

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