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Redeemer’s Festival 18/19 July 2020

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Redentore, or the Redeemer’s Festival  was celebrated in Venice from July 20, 1577 when a bridge of boats was placed to allow the citizens to reach the place where the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer was being built.

The Doge Alvise Mocenigo vowed to build this church to free the city of the most terrible plague that Venice knew in its history.
Between 1575 and 1577 more than 50,000 citizens were killed, including Alvise’s successor, Doge Sebastiano venier.

The Redeemer’s Festival  is the festival most felt by the city of Venice and its inhabitants. It is a Venetian tradition of over 400 years that is celebrated on the third Sunday of July on the island of Giudecca and throughout the St Mark’s Basin.The story of Redeemers’s Festival is very suggestive and knowing it will give an extra taste to the celebrations.

A whole weekend is dedicated to the festival and has a rich program of events.

This is the full program:

Saturday 18 July 2020

  • At 5 Pm many boats with people will start to position near St. Mark’s Basin and waiting the fire eating and drinking cheerfully celebrating
  • At 7 pm  The festival will officially begin with the opening of the boats bridge and will possible to walk  from “Fondamenta delle Zattere (Venice) to Giudecca Island
  • At 11 pm : will start the night show with fireworks in St.Mark’s Basin.. It is one of the most beautiful and evocative shows in the world that every year is the backdrop to the magical atmosphere. Approximately 3000 kg of explosives and 30000 artifacts are used in 25 floating positions

Sunday 19 July 2020

•          at 4 pm start of the REDENTOR’S RACES (REGATE) in the Giudecca Canal
•          at 4 pm  regata of the young on 2-oars “Pupparini”  
•          at 4:45  regata on 2-oars “Pupparini”
•          at 5:30  regata on 2 oars GONDOLE
•          at 7:00 - Isle of Giudecca, near the Church of the Redeemer

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