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Luciano Vistosi

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Shy and withdrawn character , put in his art an incredible energy that astonishes, and its ability to capture light find easier comparison with paintings than sculpture.
Soon he intuited  the future success of the design object projecting the Venetian glass towards not only to a tourist relevance  but of real art, collaborating with big names like Magistretti, Zanuso and Aulenti.
Achieves extraordinary artworks such as houses and skyscrapers in transparent glass, until the incredible realization of the project of the Accademia bridge ,entirely made of glass, which opens him the doors of the World Expo of Tsukuba of 1985.
Starting from this provocative idea, he realizes the 8-metre model of the arsenal Bridge, exhibited with success at the Aichi Expo in 2005.
His own island, until August 30, in the renovated spaces of the Museum of glass website at Palazzo Giustiniani, dedicated the first temporary exhibition in new areas of the “ conterie”
For the exhibition were selected 30 great operas, only in  black and white , often graffiti, extraordinary examples of the unique ability of the sculptor to create plastic and dynamic figures, towering  of Superfine elegance.
Smooth, sinuous sculptures, silhouettes that attract to the ever-changing games of light, works made modeling the hot glass with resolute and rapid moves , blown glass but also carved work in rough blocks of glass, according to "the art of taking" typical of marble processing.
Those are creations that astonish for poetry and innovation, real moving sculptures.
To complete the path, you can visit the artist's Studio not far from the Museum of glass.

Opening: from 09.02.15 to 30.08.15
Hours: until 10-17 31.03.15 from 10-18 01.04.15
Tickets: € 10.00-reduced whole € 7.50


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