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Dream and Surreal

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From 16 February to 17 May 2020 at the Jewish museum in Venice will hold the exhibition Dream and Surreal of the artist Igor Skaletsky. The exhibition is linked to a celebration and a specific period,  the festival of Purim, a joyful Jewish festival, with many complex meanings, which is centred on fun, games and disguises.  The artist wants with this exhibition, free the dreamlike, the fantastic and the magical that there is in each of the visitors thanks to the surreal manipulation of images and scenes that attract and ferry in an elsewhere enchanted.  Skaletsky, of Russian origin, but transferred to Israel in 1990, plays freely with easily recognizable images of the history of art and high culture by ironically mixing them with the typical images of fashion magazines. He uses the technique of collage, borrowed from avant-garde artists of the 20’s, and his works characterized by saturation of signs and recognition of images, the mix of photography and painting, academic art mixed with modern images, Surprise the viewer by putting him in a position to re/find his own visual habits, shaking his subconscious lightly. After the recent successes of the exhibitions The new haggadah by arik Brauer, snapshots from the Garden of Eden of the photographer Dina Goldstein for the first time in Europe; jewish Manga art – The beauty of the rigor of Thomas Lai, Edmund de Waal’s psalm on the occasion of the last Visual Arts Biennale, the Jewish Museum of Venice, Among his many and fascinating projects hosts this new appointment to introduce this new proposal of contemporary art inserted in the ancient spaces adjacent to the Scola Canton, the splendid synagogue of the sixteenth century within the museum path. 

Open everyday from 10 AM – 5.30 PM Friday the museum can close early.

Full Price 8€/ Reduced Price 6€

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