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DOMUS GRIMANI 1594 – 2019

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Until 30/05/2021 at Palazzo Grimani you can visit the beautiful exhibition that celebrates, after more than four centuries, the return to Palazzo Grimani of the collection of classical statues that belonged to the Patriarch of Aquileia Giovanni Grimani. Preserved in the family palace in Santa Maria Formosa until the end of 1500 and then donated to the Serenissima Republic of Venice by the will of Giovanni after his death.

The curators of the exhibition are Daniele Ferrara, director of the Veneto museum complex and Toto Bergamo Rossi, director of Venetian Heritage

The event is accompanied by a publication edited by Marsilio which, in addition to deepening the history of the Grimani collection, reveals its extraordinary beauty, thanks to an important photographic campaign created for the occasion.

The fulcrum of DOMUS GRIMANI 1594 - 2019 is the reconstruction of one of the most significant episodes of European museology - the Tribuna del Patriarch Giovanni, still intact in its architectural structure - accompanied by the exhibition of furnishings and works in the previous rooms, with the intent to recreate the decoration of an aristocratic residence of the sixteenth century and thus to give visitors back the atmosphere of a place that is once again the protagonist of the Venetian cultural offer through an installation inspired by the aesthetics of the “house-museum”.

The exhibition itinerary develops in the row of rooms that lead to the dressing room of antiquities, accessible only through its unique original entrance from which the patriarch John used to welcome the most illustrious guests. Through the installation of the two temporary architectural niches, reconstructed for the occasion in imitation of the existing ones, the original appearance of the space was recreated.

Giovanni Grimani was a refined collector, influenced by the great interest his family had always had in art and beauty. Palazzo Grimani itself is a precious rarity due to its architectural conformation that recalls the Roman domus and the Renaissance models of the papal city.

DOMUS GRIMANI 1594 - 2019, in its desire to revive a moment in the history of Venice in the sixteenth century, also relies on the most advanced technologies in order to make a past that can still amaze and fascinate alive and vital. For this reason, audio guides have been provided that will accompany visitors inside the rooms. And to underline the exceptional nature of the exhibition, two particularly special voices have been chosen: the Italian version will in fact be recited by Isabella Rossellini, while the English version by Jude Law, honorary member of Venetian Heritage.

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