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BeDifferent Art Show

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Venice continues to emerge in the field of contemporary art even after the Biennale closure: starting from November 18, takes place the five days of the BeDifferent Art Show, an unmissable event between art and music in the splendid setting of the church of Misericordia. This is a festival of exhibitions and shows open to national and international artists of all ages, who have unusual themes, experimentation and contemporaneity, without any gender or technique limitations. The only criterion for the selection of artists, tells the curator Stefania Minutaglio is the know-how to make the difference: "whoever shows the courage and the pride of being unique. Because we firmly believe that difference is a privilege. "
The show will feature Marco Guglielmi's (ReImmortal), a conceptual artist whose art, desecrating and politically incorrect, combines video installations, sculpture and performing arts, for a totalizing and "immersive" experience.
Every day, starting from 6pm, featuring performances, dancers and musicians, always in the hands of experimentation will be presented.
Along with the experimental dance of Omari Tessala Marax, the performance buto of Ezio Tangini and Hypnotératra's avant-guard theater, the performance of the guest of honor also stands out for the evening of the vernissage: Richard Sinclair, Camel's leader and historian the founder of the Caravan, the band that inaugurated the progressive English rock of the seventies characterized by the contamination of psychedelic, jazz, avant-garde and electronic music. He will play exceptionally with DUO (DualUnitOrgasm), the new musical project by Marco Guglielmi and Fabrizio Calcabrina, which together will create a hypnotic freestyle, which they call hypno'n'drums, far away from traditional styles


Where: Misericordia Church - Campo dell'Abbazia - Cannaregio 3550

When: from18 to 22 November 2017



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