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Accademia Gallery Reopening

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The greatest collection of Venetian painting, situated close to our hotel Palazzo Stern, reopened the 26th of May

It collects the best collection of Venetian art, especially linked to paintings from the period from the 14th to the 18th century.

It's preferable to book the entrance in advance. The museum respect all the security measures.

There will be some rules to respect, for the health of the guests.

Visitors will be treated to an extraordinary surprise: Jacopo Bassano’s Saint Anne Altarpiece (1541), which has returned to the Gallerie after more than a century. This special initiative is part of a broader project for the valorisation of Veneto art. The extraordinary Saint Anne Enthroned with the Virgin Child and Saints Jerome and Francis, commonly known as the Saint Anne Altarpiece, was executed by Jacopo da Ponte, known as Jacopo Bassano, in 1541.

The Museum will be open, in full compliance with national security measures, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8.15 a.m. to 7.15 p.m., and will be shut on Mondays.

To deal with the health emergy caused by Coronavirus, they have set up a new list of simple behaviour guidelines to follow when you visit the Museum.

You will find detailed information at this link:


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