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San Polo District

The San Polo sestiere has its origins around its main square “ Campo San Polo”  the largest of the city, second only to Saint mark’ s square. It borders with the GrandCanal and the Sestieri of Dorsoduro and Santa Croce, the most important area is Rialto, once the economic centre of the Venetian Republic, together with the Santa Croce Sestier it was rich of salt storage. 

The area is very liveliness either in the morning (the market is open every day except Sundays)  And in the evening (there are many bars frequented by Venetians and Tourists). This part of the city is very nice and interesting not only from an artistic and historical point of view but also because populade by many and many Venetians, a part of the city where it is well worth to get lost.

Camerlenghi Palace on Canal Grande - Venice

The Camerlenghi Palace is a very big building so massive that it is impossible not to notice, its on the inner side of the Volta del Canal (a curve of the canal Grande ) just near the Rialto Bridge.

The school of Saint Johann the Evangelist is amongst the oldest of the city of Venice, it was founded in 1261,

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