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November 6 at the
Casa dei Tre Oci will be display works and projects in Victoria Samuel Udondian and Tamlyn Young, the two artists selected for the fourth edition of Confini d’arte: Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice.

November 25th you can visit, at the Future Centre of Telecom Italia, headquarters of the telephone company since 1921, an exhibition that traces the history of the development of telephony in the lagoon.

Until January 6, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the glassware Ercole Moretti and F.lli, you can see up close hundreds of pearls and glass objects made ​​using the lampwork.

New exhibition by Alice Olimpia Attanasio, talented young artist rewarded by the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery at Laguna Art Award 2011 (Under 25). He also took part in OPEN, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations.

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