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Every corner of Venice is a piece of History, an artwork, a place where to stand for a reflection about how great it was in the past.
This section offers information and curiosities about all the well known parts of the city as Saint Mark’ s square, Rialto, the Grand Canal as well about lesser known corners as theatres, churches, Fondaci, the Ghetto, that have so much to offer.

The Church of Santa Maria dei Carmini its in the sestriere di Dorsoduro in Venice, it faces the homonymous square, few steps from Santa Margherita square.

The Church of Zitelle it is on the Giudecca Isle (Sestiere of Dorsoduro) facing the homonymous canal.

The squero is a shipyard typical of Venice and Veneto in genre, several sort of boat were hand crafted by skilled artisans (gondola, pupparini, sandoli) sadly those are almost extinct.

Facing the Grand Canal it was built on the first half of the XIII century by a noble family from Pesaro and lately sold to the Republic in 1381 and then gifted to the Marquis of Ferrara. 

It is the fourth bridge spanning across the Grand Canal, from Piazzale Roma (Car Terminal of the city) to Santa Lucia Train Station.

The Church of San Simeon Piccolo is situated in the “Sestiere“ of Santa Croce, facing the Grand Canal in front of the Santa Lucia Train station.

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