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Until the 21° August the Natural History Museum of Venice will host an exhibit about the ancient civilization of Dogon. The exposed items come from an Italian private collector who, in the ’60 years, explored for long time the Bandiagara lands, discovering the great hand-crafted ability of this population.

Sunday 17° July don’t miss the famous Regatta of Redeemer! The celebrations won’t finish on Saturday, but keep on with the traditional Regatta in the Canal of Giudecca!

Since the beginning of 1300 citizens begin to organize rowing races on gondolas or traditional boats of that epoch, few years later the races took name of Regatta. The races become object of local culture belongs to the Venetian culture to which Venetian are sentimentally tied.  Obviously the most famous is the Historical Regatta, but there are many widespread over the lagoon.

If you are a books lover then in Venice there is a place taylored for you, the Libreria Acqua Alta. It is one of the most original library in the world where all the books are piled up in shelves, bath tubs and gondolas!

The Fondazione Berengo organizes the exhibition in honour of Zaha Hadid in Palazzo Franchetti from May 27th  to November 27th. The exhibit shows the 35 years long career of the famous architect, starting from her first works until the last ones.

From June 4th until October 10th  2016, the exhibition “Quand fondra la neige, où ira le blanc” will take place in the suggestive site of  Palazzo Fortuny. The Expositive project has been created by Daniela Feretti it’ s about a contemporary collecting where the protagonist is the famous collector Enea Righi.

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