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Ikona Gallery hosts a suggestive exhibit which tells the life of the famous Peggy Guggenheim through many pictures. All theses photos describes the  extraordinary life of he American collector who has influenced the last century.

Museo Correr hosts the exhibit dedicated to the innovative traveller artist of ‘800’s: Ippolito Caffi. 150 years after his death, this great exhibit wants to celebrate the artist who was born in Belluno but lived in Venice for many years, loving it madly.

Venice, the Jews and the Europe 1516-2016 is a journey of 500 years from the construction of first Jews Ghetto to the hard re-integration of Jews during the ‘900. The exhibit is set up in Palazzo Ducale, composed by 10 thematic and chronologic sections in the rooms of Doge’s apartments.

The art of Murano and perfumes have always characterized the Venice identity, so, the Museum Mocenigo, that already has an excellent itinerary dedicated to the perfumes world, has organized a exhibit in order to tell the connection between the essences world and the Murano glass one.

Movie lovers can’t loose the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. The festival is organised by Biennale and takes place in Venice from 31° august to 10° September.

Until the 21° August the Natural History Museum of Venice will host an exhibit about the ancient civilization of Dogon. The exposed items come from an Italian private collector who, in the ’60 years, explored for long time the Bandiagara lands, discovering the great hand-crafted ability of this population.

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