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Your Venice

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This is a small selection of Restaurants, Osterie and other places in the city of Venice.

This is not a simple list of the whole culinary offer of the city, but a selection of different kind of places (sometimes affordable with a highly different budget) characterised with something unique and particular: the way of cooking, the service, the location and more. In all cases we are talking about places with an adequate value for money to the clients expectations and where you can spot Venetians too, not only tourists.


It is a cosy place, covered with wood and air-conditioned.

Right behind Saint Mark (10 minutes walk form the square), it is a great solution for a fast and tasty meal.

The “Associazione Esercenti Pubblici Esercizi” (Association of Public Shops) of Venice is the union body of the operators, which represent, since 1946, on the Venice territory who works in: restaurants, trattorie, pizzerias, cafeterias, bars, cafés, pastries shops, ice-cream shops, breweries, sandwiches, wine bars, pubs, dance clubs, catering, motorways, banqueting, bathing facilities…….and everything connected with the world of administration of food and beverage.

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