Venice tourism: a guide for visit Venice

Rich in history and legends Venice introduces the tourist to a fantastic carousel of endless calli, campielli, channels, churches, museums and splendid buildings that show Venice as the meeting of east and west.
The shop windows, full of glasses and colored masks accompany the walk up to St. Mark Square, but as soon as you turn a corner there you find the unusual Venice: narrow alleys, passing the façade of building seemingly frozen in ages. This is the real Venice, unknown to the tourist. This is the real Venetian life. By following the more hidden itineraries someone can find timeless history.
And what can one say about the sea? Tradition has it that Venice is wed to the sea, true the soul of the city is there. Her foundation, history and fortune are born of the sea and the 118 islets that form the Venice lagoon.
Venice Tourism provide a guide into these itineraries offering maps and photos of Venice, giving you news and information about the city and suggesting lodging and accommodation in agreeable hotels.

Hotel Locanda Vivaldi
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Residenza Parisi
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Hotel Santa Chiara
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