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There are so many things to do in Venice, exhibitions, events, feasts, celebrations, concerts, theatre
…when ? which ones? we can tell you that!!!
Do not even think that Venice is just, Saint Mark’s Square, Rialto, Carnival or Redemption Feast, news in Venice are many, if you want to be updated, join us and subscribe to our newsletter.
Events, Special Offers, Venetian curiosities and many more.

The Doge Palace will host an exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous Venetian painters of the eighteenth century, Antonio Canal (AKA Canaletto).

The Historical Regatta is a very important and culturally significant event, equal parts sports challenge and historical reenactment. It takes place on the Grand Canal.

Redentore, or the Redeemer’s Festival, is a traditional venetian celebration held every year on the third Sunday of July, mostly on Giudecca island and throughout St Mark’s Basin.

During Republican times, it was tradition that on April 25th (St Mark’s holy day) a red rose blossom be offered to one’s beloved, as a token of love. The tradition allegedly started with Maria, daughter of the Doge Angelo Partecipazio, who fell in love with young Tancredi.

This event will take place at the municipal cultural centre of Mestre, from December 22nd 2018 to June 16th 2019. “Italy According to Photographers.

The 58th Art Biennale will take place in Venice starting next May. The exhibition is called “May you Live in Interesting Times” and will be held from May 11th to November 24th.

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